The lost ribbon – and how a gal made due

December 3, 2013
The night before Thanksgiving this Writer in Residence was en route, departing the Runaway Pony B&B in Lawrence Kansas to arrive at The Woodward Inn, Topeka. The sky was black over I-70; traffic moved at a hardy speed. I sat in the front passenger seat of an SUV. The driver was Shannon McCoy, proprietor of SDM Transportation. Behind our seats extended an array of luggage items. Strategically placed behind my seat was a tote bag that contained at the top — the shoes I was to wear for Thanksgiving.

The lost ribbon
The shoes were grey, classic pump style each with an ankle strap that tied with pale pink ribbon. When we arrived in Topeka, I reached for that tote with the shoes, to discover that one of the ribbons was missing.

It couldn’t have gone far. I searched through the tote bag — to no avail. After we emptied the luggage from the SUV, Mr. McCoy used a flashlight to search for it.

To no avail. Perhaps the dusty pink satin strip fell among the dried leaves at the Runaway Pony over which we’d carried the luggage from the back door to the SUV. If so, hope to retrieve it would include reaching out to the proprietress Serina Hearn. How could I ask her to search among crisp pale-color leaves for that pale pink ribbon when she was preparing forShoes w/ vivid pink ribbon Thanksgiving at the B&B and at her home.

Well, I couldn’t. I must let go the ribbon, wherever it lie. Tonight I prepared to meet with Elizabeth Taylor, the Woodward Inn proprietress, along with Woodward guests, for the nightly nine o’clock dessert.

Making due
This romantic couldn’t help but feel forlorn. The shoes needed matching ribbon ties.

Yet I’d unwittingly traveled prepared for that; I had two hot pink ribbons to replace the ankle ties. More I felt sad, that the pale pink ribbon was to be raked away with dried leaves, ne’er again to be admired.

Pale Pink RibbonNot till I dressed for Thanksgiving, did I remove from the shoes, the remaining pale pink ribbon. I tied it in a bow attached to a barrette in my hair. I tied the replacement ribbons through the shoe straps, and hurried to join the Thanksgiving party in The Woodward chateau.

Only I knew that the dainty hair ribbon honored its missing match. People complimented my shoes, now tied with vivid pink. I’d discreetly moved on from the missing ribbon.

Graceful surprise
Friday afternoon I was at the computer writing, when I received a call from Mr. McCoy. “Guess what I found,” he said.

The pink ribbon! I replied.

Yes, he said. He’d moved the front passenger seat to accommodate a new client, and there the ribbon lay. He asked for the mailing address to send it.Pink Ribbon returned

I still feel perplexed over how the ribbon fell from the shoe, all way out of the tote..Yet it did.

When on the road constantly, a gal can lose possessions along the way, and sometimes feel a bit lost herself. Little gestures may bring much comfort. Because a gentleman cared enough, I’m happy to say that my shoes will be back intact with the pale pink ribbons.

More information
Three key players in this ‘Writer in Residence’ transition:
Runaway Pony B&B
SDM Transportation
The Woodward Inns

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