Romance in Texas – or, romance via Texans

August 15, 2009. Last night my pal Stella and I checked out the “Texas on Tour” exhibit at Navy Pier. And I realized what a romantic place Texas could be.

Well, almost any place can be romantic, if you arrive with the right attitude. Yet from this exhibit I learned that Texas had hundreds of miles of coastline. It has gorgeous beaches.  Adventurers could enjoy surfing, scuba diving and kayaking.

What most resonated was the memory of what my friend, “Rockin’ Billy,” told me. He’s the lead singer and guitarist for “Rockin’ Billy & His Wild Coyotes.” I used to represent the band. Part of my promoting  included dressing in rockabilly garb and going to most the gigs in Chicagoland, and getting the fellows to dance. Just starting the dancing inspired other couples to dance, and the dance floor filled.

Rockin’ Billy’s from Texas. “Jacquee, you’d like Texas,” he had told me. “You’ll find gentlemen there, and they all dance.”  Words I remembered. And last night I found more reasons to consider a Texas visit. A little oasis in my future, a bit mysterious as I anticipate, yet quenching.

I was invited to “Texas on Tour” as a member of the media. So, Stella and I enjoyed All-Access-Passes, that included a “virtual kayak tour,” and getting our photo taken with a Texas backdrop. We both donned cowboy hats and waved to the camera.

We saw the SeaWorld San Antonio animals, and we enjoyed San Antonio margaritas at the press tent. We were each given a black cowboy hat. I walked away from Navy Pier wearing mine. It didn’t match my summer pink dress. However, passers-by who noticed my resonating smile would agree the accessory was perfectly appropriate.

“Texas on Tour” is at Navy Pier until tomorrow (Sunday), then moves on to the Illinois State Fair next, fyi.  Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

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