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Jacquée T.
“A romantic moment”

audio series

A romantic moment
is a portion of the new Jacquée T. Detours 
Internet radio series.

It features a three to five-minute segment where Miss T. selects a subject and suggests ways to weave it into your lifestyle, to make your life more romantic. And who knows, you might cause a ripple effect and add a bit o’ romance to the folks around you!

“A romantic moment” and  Jacquée T. Detours is made possible by fabulous sponsors who add quality to your life. O yes! Listen to what they have to offer.

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Here is the ‘A romantic moment’ INTRODUCTION:  

Here are three “a romantic moment” features.

✰ The little things. A conversation with three ladies reminds Jacquée T. how ‘the little things’ matter in relationships and relating to people.

 Nix the Mixes. Leave the mixes on the shelf — preferably the STORE shelf, says Jacquée T. Here are examples of how the mixes save little time, if any — and take away from what you bring to the table.

 Bathe by Candlelight.  Miss T. gives reasons to slow down, and bathe by candlelight.

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