Jacquee T. Detours radio series

Jacquée T. Detours radio series

Jacquee T. Detours radio series

Be hands-free from gadgets and eyes-free from any screen while listening to the Jacquée T. radio series, presented via Jacquée T. Detours.

About: The Jacquée T. Detours radio programs began with the “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” series, first aired via WREN Internet Radio.
    Now the series is being moved to Internet access via iTunes, Google Play and other online and mobile outlets.

Click in the player below to listen to  Jacquée T. Detours radio episode, “Detour to Paola.”

… to Paola, Kansas, USA, that is!

Jacquée T. hosts a broadcast from Paola Inn and Suites. Features include:
1. Three things Miss T. loves about Paola;
2. Three things about Paola Inn and Suites folks might not know;
3. Three romantic things about Paola, per the Chamber of Commerce Director.

PLUS: etiquette tips for around the holiday table, AND the “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” holiday feature. Join the fun!


Previous “A romantic moment” features:

 Gotta love chivalry! Miss T. reminds that chivalry is ver-ly much alive — and offers suggestions for both gents and ladies to celebrate it.

 Birthday all month! O yes, celebrate your birthday all month! says Jacquée T. Here are reasons why, and ways to celebrate.

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Love our sponsors!

Thank you to “A romantic moment, by Jacquée T.” sponsors including TIMELESS Essential Oils, The Tasteful Olive, and Lynfred Winery. Hear about them via above broadcasts.


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