Winter in the Windy City

Winter 2011-2012    _____________________________________________________________

It’s been a mild winter so far in Chicago. Yet some winter days have looked like this:

photo by David Lade

Snowy days or not, motorists need to pay close attention to street parking signs. From December 1st to April 1st, winter restrictions take effect along main arterial streets.

Signs to watch for are “Winter Overnight Parking Ban” and the “2-inch Parking Ban.”

The Winter Overnight Parking Ban is in effect every night during this period, 3 a.m.-7 a.m.
The Snow Route 2-inch Parking Ban takes effect the same hours and dates, when snow is 2-inches or more deep.

Both are Tow Zones, so it’s best to pay attention. Believe-you-me, you don’t want your car towed and therefore have to deal with ticket and tow charges, plus the unfriendly folks at the tow yards.
For more info on the Winter Parking Bans, visit here.

If you discover or suspect that your car has been towed, call 311. Chicago-specific 311 may also be reached by calling (312) 744-5000.

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