Roses and ‘The Wine of Love’     Roses and ‘The Wine of Love’ 

Ah yes, a rose is on the bottle, and roses are captured in the Petalo Il Vino dell Amore (“The wine of Love”) Moscato Spumante. This wine, from the making to the bottling, is designed to celebrate romance.
Roses in the wine

      Petalo [pronounced PET-a-low] is made with Moscato grapes grown in the Euganean Hills, part of an Italian wine region. The Euganean Hills are also a noted for the wild roses that grow in the area.
      Every spring the bees introduce the roses to the grapes, in a subtle manner only bees can. The result to the ensuing wine is delicate hints of rose to the nose and to the palate.
Rose on the bottle
      The pink rose image represents the roses that grow in the wine region, and also suggests the romance of the Petalo wine.
To taste
      ‘Tis a soft, sweet sparkling white wine, with a rich honey overtone, accompanied by delicate florals, like roses and cherry blossoms.
      It’s called Il Vino dell Amore (“The Wine of Love”)  to celebrate young love, which is sweet and intriguing, and delicate.
To Toast
      Serve chilled. It makes a nice dessert wine. It also makes a great brunch wine, and pairs well with cheeses.
      Petalo Il Vino dell Amore is a romantic accompaniment to any occasion, whether you’re pampering yourself with a cup, or sharing with friends or with your darling. The wild roses, represented on the bottle, and captured in the wine, remind us of love.

More information:
Petalo is low in alcohol, at 6.5%, a ver-ly friendly, approachable level.
Suggested retail price is $15 — a charming deal for the wine and the romantic quality!
Learn more about the wine and region through ‘
Production Notes

*Initially published Valentine’s season, 2011. As of Valentine’s season 2016, the information and links are current.



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