Runaway Pony Bed & Breakfast, Lawrence Kansas

Runaway Pony Bed & BreakfastRunaway Pony Bed and Breakfast is named for Freddie, the pony who saved the life of his abolitionist owner, J. G. Sands, during the 1863 Lawrence Massacre, also known as Quantrill’s Raid.
     Mr. Sands’ family lived on the location the B&B stands today. Now the property features a late 19th century Victorian house that is a brief stroll from the Lawrence historic downtown.
     The house is renovated to combine classic elegance with modern amenities including WiFi. The main floor opens to outdoor porches that overlook large gardens and a view of park. Each bedroom has a theme related to the Victorian era.
For more information and reservations visit here.
Note: Runaway Pony has closed, as the owner moved abroad.

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