send Valentine’s cards

February 4, 2009.
My friend Meg told me she had missed sending holiday cards per busyness, and was gearing up to send Valentine’s cards to friends and family.

What a novel idea, I told her. Any time you can put a sincere gesture in someone’s mailbox to divert them from the consistent bills and junk mail, is a gift to them.

An added note to that card is an extra comfort. It personlizes everything. It’s a “hello to you.” How refreshing, especially these days where names may be electronically placed into any blanks.

Your Valentine’s card to them  arrives in a personally selected design, and has a handwritten note and signature. Velvet to the eyes and soul opening the modern day mailbox.

I encourage Meg, and everyone, to send Valentine’s cards to friends, colleagues and family. You’ll give them an unexpected yet welcome surprise.

Some companies offer cards with a simple design, like this notecard with a heart at top, through Paper Source. The current link  (today) indicates this design is sold out.  However, it might be available at local Paper Source stores.

The design is merely an example of options, for simple yet elegant cards.

Just a thought, if you have a chance, send out Valentine’s cards with a kind thought. Don’t worry about sending out to a huge list, just get to the ones you can. They’ll appreciate it.

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