Loving the sounds of travel : And in the new year, I’ll take you with me

http://www.aromanticsperspective.com//0mu_online15/tons/headers_bars/weby_hdr9.jpg   Among my favorite travel quotes comes from It’s a Wonderful Life (RKO 1946) when leading man and hero George Bailey asserts that the three most exciting sounds in the world are “anchor chains, plane motors and train whistles.”

I heartily agree.

Love travel

I haven’t been aboard a luxury liner to hear hoists of giant anchor chains, yet I’ve listened to lapping waves behind ferry boats that carried me between Mackinac City and Mackinac Island. I’ve gazed out airplane windows upon hearing the motors rev up to taxi the runway, and gazed out again when they revved up stronger to make a run for the sky — to carry me to the west coast, to the east coast, and at times, “across the pond.”

Train whistles have lifted my concentration from books I read or notes I wrote — to remind me that I was cruising along the tracks, in comfortable seating among other passengers. While for some reason the engineer took the need to sound the whistle, perhaps to alert motorists as the train approached a crossroad, and at other times to merely resonate the train’s speedy progress forth.

These sounds accommodate a sense of motion, grand motion upon vessels that are designed to carry us to a destination. And that’s invigorating, and at other times comforting. Lest we forget the invigoration or comfort, the rising anchor chains or swishing ferry boat waves, the whir of plane motors, or wisp of train whistles remind us, from our ears to our hearts.

A new year: February 2012 marks the A Romantic’s Perspective second anniversary. Previous Travel pages combined places I’ve experienced and places I deemed as romantic travel destinations yet have not visited.

Romantic’s is moving forward, and part of the motion includes covering destinations I’ve experienced, or am presently experiencing. Several destinations are under consideration, and the 2012 itinerary is still under progress. I’ll keep you posted.

And I’ll take you with me, whether we arrive by water, air or rail.     http://www.aromanticsperspective.com//0mu_online15/tons/headers_bars/weby_hdr9.jpg


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