Daily Perk — Hiawatha

Daily Perk, Hiawatha KansasWalk in and smell the gourmet coffee at Daily Perk. Choose among breakfast and lunch items made from scratch.
     The Coffee Menu features traditional cups of fresh-ground coffee, Latte, Americana, and Espresso. It also features traditional Macchiatto that’s a shot of Espresso with a touch of foamed milk, and Toddy that’s a cold pressed coffee brewed in cold water for 24 hours.
     Food items include a full breakfast, Panini Sandwiches and Lettuce Wraps,  Soups, and Pastries including muffins, scones and turnovers.
     Love soft drinks like Italian Soda, combined via soda water and a select flavor of syrup like strawberry or peach.
     For more information, visit the Daily Perk Facebook page.

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