Why you want to be under the GoBrolly Communications umbrella

_______________________ Winter, 2016 -2017   

GoBrolly Communications logo
“Internet that just works.”
It seems a simple concept for a high tech Internet service. And that’s the point behind GoBrolly Communications. All you as Customers need to know is that your Internet works.
     And while you’re going about your own WiFi business, GoBrolly staff are working behind the scenes to ensure your Internet connection is a-humming,* with speed that is superior to other Internet providers.
     O, yes, Internet users in GoBrolly service territory are destined to love it because this service hosts refreshing innovation. To elaborate ….
     GoBrolly Communications is based in Louisburg, Kansas, and serves greater Miami County, including rural enclaves that are far reach from major Internet services. It recently expanded service to areas of Cass County Missouri.
A little history
     GoBrolly is founded by a Louisburg native who is an avid “tech geek.” He saw the need for folks in Miami County rural areas to have Internet access, more importantly to have quality Internet access.
     He surrounded himself with a team of fellow tech geeks and GoBrolly began providing Internet Wireless High-Speed in spring, 2014.
GoBrolly has the best innovation
The best innovation
    GoBrolly brings refreshing innovation in two areas:
1. Using technology differently.
     GoBrolly tech pros weaved a system of using fiber-fed wireless technology to improve your broadband speeds, to the extreme where you may watch online videos without experiencing buffering. This is customized in every plan, wherever you are along the GoBrolly landscape.
     The smooth streaming has to do with the company emphasizing an “upspeed” to complement “downspeed” in the Wireless workings. All you need to know is that providing an “upspeed” is unique in Internet service, and that it strengthens your stream.
2. Customer Service: “Blast from the Past” meets the Millennium.
     Staff regard Customers with a “Capital C” throughout every aspect of this service.
     Firstly, when you call, you are connected to a Customer service representative, not to voice mail options. The representative helps you directly, or connects you with someone who will.
     Secondly, technical staff are local, know the plans intimately, and guide you in selecting a plan that suits your personal needs.
     Thirdly, GoBrolly regularly invites you as a Customer, to provide feedback in surveys. This to gauge your satisfaction, and to maintain premium quality service.
Internet Plans
     Customers select among seven Internet Plans, including Basic, Better-for-Video, Home Office, and Top Shelf.
     The Plans are composed to recognize that each household and each business has individual needs. All plans have options to customize.
The Umbrella
     The GoBrolly logo features an umbrella, angled to the left, to represent safe coverage. The two colors of the canopy represent the “up” and “down” speeds.
GoBrolly Mascot -- Bumpershoot
*Meet the mascot
     Meet Bumbershoot, who like his hummingbird relatives, has wings that beat 70 to 200 times per second. He can hover, fly forward or backward, and even fly upside down. He is agile and speedy, like the Internet High-Speed he represents.
     You will see him flitting about the GoBrolly website.

More information
     GoBrolly serves rural, and township Customers within its territory.
     For more information call (913) 837-4678, available 24-7, or visit GoBrolly.com.

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