That enchanting scent

A Thursday night before the long weekend. I was running errands earlier and noticed lots of people were out.

Fine enough for them, I thought. They are ready to enjoy an evening out and I was hurrying to the home office to work. I’m designing a web page that will utilize my knowledge and experience from being the “Letter from Chicago” columnist for seven years.

Haste, haste, haste, to the project!

… I passed a group of gents coming from the other way. They all were dressed nice, with crisp shirts and non-blue jeans pants. Some wore suits. On less busy days I’d have noticed in the front of my mind. Not this time. not until I sensed the whiff of men’s cologne. Then I noticed, and sighed.

Ah yes, those little things can make a big difference in passing moments. It was pre-dusk; the air gave prelude to what would be a balmy night. And mine was a little bit better, thanks to those gentlemen, and whomever wore the cologne.

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