The Cowboy Room — a ‘cowgirl’ settles in at Circle S Ranch

My first night at Circle S Ranch and Country Inn, in rural Lawrence Kansas. I stay in The Cowboy Room. To my dismay, it does not come complete with a cowboy. Ah, well. It does have a rustic ambience that suggests the musk of a cowboy. And it nudges a pioneer spirit.

Bucket Shower in the Circle S Cowboy Room

The sense of musk comes from the polished, knotted log canopy bed that has striped texture cotton sheets, a heavy, black suede comforter, and throw pillows with hearty sizes and shapes. The bed and surrounding tables and chairs all atop a plank hardwood floor.

That musk is part of nudging the pioneer spirit. So is the bucket shower. The shower area has steel walls and concrete floor and a big silver bucket overhead. The bucket however, is not to be tilted by a rope to pour water. The bucket serves as a nozzle and water cascades heavily through it. To boot, a second, conventional shower nozzle may be turned on to double the water splash. Sort of like a waterfall … a hot waterfall.

Cowboy Room books

Cowboy-theme books

Okay, so the pioneer sense of the bucket shower melts away. Pioneers would have had to work hard to provide a shower like this and they were too busy tending to other things like surviving day to day.  I exit the Cowboy Room shower area, donning a Circle S Inn white robe and feeling awfully relaxed.

I realize the room has no TV, and am delighted. No need to plug in to the blue-light box. I’m in The Cowboy Room. I’m on a Ranch. I could be a Cowgirl. I am surrounded by the Circle S property vast hills and prairie, and could go horseback riding tomorrow.

As for now,  I’m feeling drowsy. I pluck the Still Wild: Short Fiction of the American West from the cowboy theme books on the table by the window. I crawl onto the log canopy bed, nuzzle beneath the sheets, pull up the black suede comforter and read a short story before turning out the lamp.

How does a cowgirl say goodnight, I wonder. All I can think of is, “‘Night y’all.”


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