The “Forever” stamps

May 10, 2009.
Well, I did it. I sent out a handful of handwritten letters before the postal increase.

A few days ago I’d e-mailed a reminder about the postal rates increase May 11th, and suggested folks use this opportunity to write to friends and family. It’s offering something in their mailbox besides bills and junk mail — what a gift!

Use this as an excuse to write the letters, use the 42-cent stamps you have. I did, and it felt great to put the pen to paper. I sent multi-page letters to people on my list.

I dropped them at the post office today – yes, there was one open Sunday – and purchased 2-cent stamps to tag to the remaining 42-cent stamps in my stash.

And I learned something new — the “Forever” Liberty Bell stamps could still be used without adding extra postage. They “forever,” as long as you have them, suffice for the current first class stamps.

One gal I’d talked to afterward said she makes a point to purchase only the Forever stamps.

Personally, I like picking out certain stamp designs, and select the stamps per the person I’m sending correspondence.

However, what I’ll do is make a point to keep Forever stamps in my stash, to tide over for the next increase.

Anyway, it was fun to get out the stationery and say hello to pals and family.


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