Love the Grand Hotel historic elegance 130 years ago and now

Grand Hotel was designed to line horizontally the Mackinac Island bluffs upon which it stood. It was constructed with 1,500,000 feet of Michigan white pine, including a vast porch, tall with pillars, to line the front.
 It opened in July 1887, touting a prominent number of rooms, to meet the growing demand for accommodations.
      Railroad lines and steamships were bringing people by herds to this summertime resort island. Most folks came from Chicago and Detroit, to escape the city noise and soot.
       Grand Hotel not only responded to the demand for accommodations, it offered exceptional rooms and exceptional service. It offered entertainment on the front porch, and live bands performing  in the ballroom at night. These traditions remain to this day. Most folks came from Chicago and Detroit, to escape the big city noise and soot.
       Over the generations, Grand has had renovations, including reinforcing the pilliars in front, reinforcing the foundation, adding guestrooms, and re-designing the entire interior.
      Today, the Grand front porch, 660 feet long, is known as the largest in the world. People still like to mingle here, and to imbibe in overlooking the hotel grounds, and waterfront view.

      The interior design celebrates the Mackinac Island colors, including the vibrant ones found in flowers like daffodils and geraniums. Grand has 393 rooms. No two rooms are alike.
Visitors’ fee
    Grand Hotel common areas include the front porch, the Main Dining Room, the Parlor, boutique shops and the Cupola Bar.
      Folks who are non hotel guests are welcome to enjoy these areas, yet are asked to pay a $10.00 entrance fee.
      This because Grand is so popular, it’s apt to be flooded with non hotel guests, to the point it crowds the hotel guests. The fee diverts potential crowding. And it may be applied to a Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet.

Dress code
      After 6:30 p.m., Grand Hotel guests and visitors are required a dress code: coat and tie for gentlemen; dress or pant suit for ladies.
      Bravo! This complements the ambience the Grand was built to accommodate — a savoring of elegance in the gettings-away.

 Grand Hotel has maintained a grand tradition of entertainment. Today folks may enjoy live music in the Main Dining Room during the Luncheon and during dinner, and live music during Afternoon Tea in the Parlor.
       At night guests enjoy live music in the Cupola Bar, and live music and dancing in the Terrace Room.

Grand Hotel is a summertime luxury hotel on the summer destination Mackinac Island. This year Grand Hotel celebrates its 130th anniversary.

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