The ‘Holiday Special’

December 9, 2009. Within all the holiday sales this season, I’d decided that instead of offering a discount on my poetry book, I’d offer that “percentage special” to a select charity.

Now through December 31st 2009, 10% of all online book sales will benefit the Animal Wellness Institute. I am pleased that Detour Productions, on behalf of its customers, may gift this fine charity.

My tradition of collectively giving to charities goes way back. Over my years of hosting Christmas parties, my invitations stated that I’ld have a box by the door for nonperishable foods to be donated  to a local shelter. I figured, while we’re celebrating, we may remember there are those who are less fortunate.

When I wrote my column “Letter from Chicago” under SNG Newspapers, I put together elaborate packages that included tickets to Chicago venues plus an exclusive pamphlet featuring articles about these venues — and donated them for annual Alliance for the Great Lakes benefits. After I started Detour, I added a separate, regional package. I also made Alliance for the Great Lakes the benefitting charity for my Detour Productions launching party.

Detour Productions also raised money for the Tree House Humane Society through the poetry book launching party.

Throughout the years I also offered private donations to select charities. Yet I learned that I can give more, and bring people into the giving spirit, through celebrations. The aspect of donating to a charity adds to the all around good feeling. It’s bully for everyone.

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