The little notes

The little notes exchanged via the Inbox are as important as grand notes, and formal announcements. Yet sometimes they prompt a “wait till later to Reply” knee-jerk response by we recipients.

I just spent some time culling through the e-mail to catch up on the Reply – netting little notes, forwards and announcements that I’d let drift  in the Inbox never-ending ripples. A stone tossed here, a ripple down.

I’m not a big fan of forwarded e-mail, especially of the non-business nature. I’m selective about any e-mails I forward, and am distinguishing as to whom I forward them, and hope my cohorts extend the same courtesy.

As long as one doesn’t bombard me with Forward mail, I’ll save it for the chance to open  it later. Tonight, one Forward I received, I absolutely loved, and forwarded to select friends, each with a personalized note. The e-mail is a video regarding Earth Hour to be celebrated late this month.

Tonight I caught up on Facebook and LinkedIn invitations. I replied with little notes, to kind little notes I’d received from friends.

It feels nice to do that, and to catch those e-mails before they’re get buried in the Inbox pages. Sending little notes to Reply to kind gestures, to acknowledge the gesture or effort, feels great, and completes the exchanges.

I did that tonight. And it was sweet. Loose ends turned into stitched-up correspondence. E-mails that I responded to could now be deleted, not to fall deeper then lost in the Inbox. Correspondence complete, with little nods, little smiles, or little sighs silently on the either side, before both move on to more little notes and grand notes and announcements.

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