The revealing skyline

September 11, 2009. When I’m introduced to a latter modern day movie that takes place in New York City, I look at the date it was filmed. If I don’t have immediate access to the film date, I watch for reference to the Twin Towers.

Since they were built till 2001, the Twin Towers represented Manhattan New York, a quick visual reference.

The lack of them as a visual reference in skyline shots, represented something else. It represented the post 9-11, oh so quietly.

No big screen films that I know of, made post 9-11, zoomed in on Ground Zero. They merely showed the skyline sans the Twin Towers.

Either way it’s a reference for me. I can pretty much tell by the skyline shots of movies based in New York City, what side of 9-11-o1 they were filmed. And I want to know, because it make a difference in the story being told.

That day was a bookmark between chapters in world history. It was a milestone for all of us who witnessed it and lived past it.

I can’t be the only one watching films based in New York City, and watching for the Twin Towers for reference. It not only marks a difference in the time the film was made, but also marks an intangible difference in the story, yet I can sense it.

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