Thoughts on relationships

February 14, 2009.
Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love.  And I aver that, whether or not you have a sweetheart, love yourself first. If you have a good relationship with yourself, you’re more apt to select good friends, and you’ll be a better person for the special darling in your life, whenever you meet him or her.

Be good to yourself. Be true to yourself. Then you’ll tend to be good to and true to people around you.

When  it comes to sweethearts, whether you’re with them a little while a lot a while or forever, be the best you can to them.  You’ll have your ups and downs; so will your darling. Yet make sure that you’re overall respected and loved, and that you respect and love them.

Part of loving is receiving love and kind gestures as well as giving them.  When someone does something nice for you, absorb it, and you’ll make them happy.

This all makesa simple formula, really, that at times is difficult to apply. Yet do apply.  You’ll make your life, and the lives around you, richer.

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