Too scary for postcards – destinations not to write home about


Travel is inspiring and worth writing home about. Well much of  it is. Some tourist destinations are down right dangerous. While folks have reasons for taking them on, they would be kind to spare their loved ones from the anticipation.

Here are examples featuring dangerous tourist destinations, and postcards not to send.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

“Dear Mom,
Just arrived  in La Paz, Bolivia. Don’t speak the language yet managed to get directions to Yungas Road, famously known as the ‘El Camino de la Muerte,’ or in English, ‘Death Road.’ It’s a narrow two-way road, as little as 10-feet across, that edges a mountain range and has no guard rails. It’s a scenic route from La Paz to Coroico. I plan to rent a bike and check it out first thing tomorrow.  More later. Love you!”

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Missing you while I visit New Zealand. Found an adventure in Mount Cook National Park. Signed on for a tour to the highest summit of Aoraki. Locals tell me it’s prone to avalanches. Wish you were here.”

Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Remember when we were 12 and you said I was a coward? I will have you know I’m in Villarrica Chile, and on appointment to bungee-jump from helicopter into the Villarrica volcano tomorrow afternoon.

Just so you know, it’s one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and very much ‘live.’ I paid $10,000 for the privilege to bungee jump into it. Bet you can’t afford that.

Don’t tell your mom, because she would tell mine and my mom would panic with worry.

See you this Christmas. Will bring pictures.”

The above destinations appeal to thrill-seekers. Folks taking on destinations as these will likely have more fun writing postcards after surviving them.

Thank you to InfoBarrel Travel & Places  “12 most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World!” for the inspiration. 

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