Celebrate upcoming Eclipse — with unique stamps

____________________ June, 2017

On August 21st, people across the United States will bask at a Total Solar Eclipse. The United States Postal Service celebrates now. You can begin celebrating, too!

Here’s the what and how and the o, yes!

Total Solar Eclipse
     For the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will travel across the entire country. The path will run west to east from Oregon to South Carolina and will include portions of 14 states.
     On August 21st, millions of folks will witness the sun disappearing behind the moon, giving a sudden twilight effect, and a drop in temperature. Streamers of light will streak around the moon silhouette.

United States Postal Service puts a stamp on it
     The United States Postal Service celebrates with a stamp that not only commemorates this astrological event, yet also is the first-ever stamp that changes image when you touch it.
     This is the “Total Eclipse of the Sun” Forever stamp. It has an image of an eclipsed sun. Touch it, and the warmth of your finger changes the image into a moon. The image reverts back to the eclipse when it has cooled.
     The back of the stamp pane shows a map of the August 21st eclipse path, and times it may appear in some locations.
     It is a Postal Service “Forever stamp,” meaning that for as long as you have it, it maintains the value of a one-ounce First Class Mail Stamp, even through stamp price changes.
     Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps are available for sale at United States post offices starting June 20th. Yet you may also order online.

More information
     Today, Forever stamps are 49-cents each. A sheet of 16 costs $7.84.
     The thermochromic inks used for the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps are vulnerable to UV light. Keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible to preserve the image-changing special effect. To help ensure longevity, the Postal Service offers at 25-cents, a special envelope to hold and protect the stamp pane.
     To order Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps online, visit here.

O, yes!
     What a fine way to anticipate this celestial event. And what a fine prompt to write letters and send cards to people! Be sure to include in your note, the significance of the stamp on the envelope.
     My suggestion is to purchase two sheets of these commemorative stamps — one to use for sending letters and cards, and another as a keepsake. Perhaps more, to give as gifts.
     These stamps are a stellar way to share in the celebration of this event, and to reach out to people you love.


***image courtesy of the United States Postal Service



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