Attend the only Meatloaf Festival in the world

The winner of the 2016 Meatloaf Cook-Off in Paxico Kansas, will be awarded “World Championship” honors.
Cook-Off Oven Mitts     This because the folks behind the annual Meatloaf Festival searched for other townships or municipalities that hosted Meatloaf festivities, to conclude there are no others — anywhere.
The 8th annual Meatloaf Festival and Cook-Off is celebrated 10 a.m.–6p.m.Saturday, June 18th, 2016.

     The heritage in the area includes Swedes and Germans, says Mike Holper, President of the Paxico Merchants Association. Beef was a big part of their lives. At the end of the day, per se, they had so much remaining that, well, they made it into meatloaf. Each cook concocted their own rendition.
     In 2009, the township leaders considered hosting a township festival. While discussing possibilities, they realized — everyone had a meatloaf recipe.
     Meatloaf was a comfort food, familiar to the dinner table, familiar to communal gatherings. The community leaders decided to celebrate this as their annual township event.
     “At first people thought a Meatloaf Festival was corny,” says Mr. Holper. Yet that did not repel them from attending the Festival, nor from entering the cook-off to submit their own prized meatloaf.

The 2014 Meatloaf Festival Cook-Off winner is honored in the 2015 Meatloaf Festival Parade. (photo by Kim Erickson)

The 2014 Meatloaf Festival Cook-Off winner is honored in the 2015 Meatloaf Festival Parade. (photo by Kim Erickson)

 The Meatloaf Festival today
     Paxico today has a population of 211. Approximately 2,000 people attend The Meatloaf Festival and Cook-Off. Festivities begin with a Tractor Parade. “It’s probably the shortest parade in Kansas,” says Mr. Holper, as it stretches the four blocks of Paxico downtown.
This is the first year Paxico leaders ascertained that this is the only MeatLoaf Festival in the world, and therefore officially offer “World Championship” status to the Meatloaf Cook-Off winner.

Cook-Off Judges
     The Meatloaf Festival features an official panel to judge the meatloaf submissions. New addition this year: Meatloaf Festival guests are invited to put in their two-cents worth — or so.
     Guests are welcome to purchase a “judge” wristband. With this, they may sample the contest submissions, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and to vote with a penny or two into designated jars that label their favorite meatloaf. A portion of the penny vote proceeds benefit the Paxico Volunteer Fire Department.

     Winners receive cash prizes. The “World Champion Winner” will also receive the honor of being invited to ride a carriage in the 2017 Meatloaf Festival Parade.

To enter the Cook-Off
     The registration deadline is the Monday before the 2016 Meatloaf Festival. Spaces are limited  For more information, visit the A Romantic’s announcement Registration for the Meatloaf Cook-Off.

About Paxico, Kansas
     Paxico is in northeast Kansas, approximately 30 miles from Topeka, 55 miles from Lawrence, and 90 miles from Kansas City. To learn more about Paxico, visit here.

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