Uncultured auto text

September 12, 2012
I sent a short text message to a pal that opened with “Bon soir
,” and ensued with a quaint note.

Ah yes, “bon soir,” pronounced “Bohn swah,” an evening greeting in French. A little note to follow, then to my next task.

Sent the text off. Then saw it frozen on my “smart” phone screen. The salutations read ” “Bin sour …”

Without asking, the auto text switched those petite words and changed their context from elegant to sloppy. Instead of a gracious bon soir, my friend read “Bin Sour.”

How would I like that greeting — “Bin sour, Jacquée.” Not so much. My brows would bend. After a beat I’d understand that auto text raised its invisible fingers while my pal was trying to send a simple message. Don’t know that after realizing that, I’d come away with “Ahhh, he meant bon soir!‘”

I surely didn’t expect my pal to come away with it. I quickly sent a correction text — “But of course I meant ‘Bon soir.'” Sent it off.

To see that it read “But of course I meant ‘Bon sour.'”

In my hurry to correct the note, I’d failed to catch one of the auto text’s invasions.

Any petiteness I intended per a petite text message on a petite screen, had crashed. Now my pal needed to decrypt the salutation I tried to assert, and would likely cognize:
A) Jacquée first said “Bin sour;”
B) She sent a correction with “Bon sour” and she was at the mercy of auto text
= C) “Ahhh, she meant bon soir!‘”

Yet I preferred save my pal from having to decrypt. I hurried a third text message, this time vigilant to auto text. “Ah! ‘bon soir’ …” I succeeded.

I left  the trio of texts, dissatisfied. Auto text couldn’t compute the trans-continental greeting bon soir, and I didn’t anticipate its automated corrections. As a result, my voice in the intended transaction was torn apart.

To recognize auto text as an entity — which ’tis when I tap text messages — I would say its a busybody, a hyper-academic, and uncultured.

If I had a choice, I’d dismiss it from my smart phone text functions. That would save me time from correcting its automated ‘corrections,’ and give me back my voice when trying to send a simple note.

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