Chicago-Under the a-“Maze”-ing moon

Embrace the autumn and a bit of the Halloween season by taking a road trip to a gigantic outdoor Maze at Richardson Farm, in Spring Grove Illinois. To make it more fun, opt to navigate through the maze after dark.

 Out in the country you’ll be able to gaze at the moon’s glory — while you find way through a cornfield maze. The stalks stand 8-feet high. The maze spans 33 acres. Yet ’tis made up of five separate mazes. Maze-goers may choose among them. Each offer kiosks en route, with clues or quizzes — that, depending on your translation or answers, will speed your way toward the maze exit.
      The questions tend to be “corny,” if you will. Yet they may be conversation-starters. An alternative is to try finding way without checking the clues. There are no dead ends; all mazes are inter-connected.

Caveat: The late night Maze  is popular among local teens. Be prepared to take it in stride. The maze includes 11 miles of trails, so chances are you will have plenty of room to yourselves.
This is a great icebreaker, and get acquainted date. We all have in common memories of autumn — be it raking leaves and jumping in the piles, pumpkin patch visits, or just loving the onset of jacket-weather. And we all have memories of celebrating Halloween.
These are great things to talk about while embarking on a cornstalk maze. Richardson Farm touts it as the largest corn maze in the world.
As for the road trip, fellas bring good music along, or put your gal in charge of the radio selections.
And fellas, always make your lady feel safe and comfortable. When inviting her, make the plans clear, especially since this involves a road trip. Be prepared for the weather, and to offer her your jacket if she feels cold.

Maze info:
The maze is open Wednesday-Sunday, through October 31st, 2010. Nighttime hours run until 10 p.m. Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and until 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.
On Halloween, the maze will be “lightly haunted,” courtesy of the local fire department.
The maze is part of Richardson Farm general admission, at $12.95/ person. Glow sticks will be available for purchase.
By the by, Richardson farm has picnic grounds, should you want to bring a picnic sup. Call ahead to make picnic area reservations, that may include an extra fee.
More information: Richardson Farm, or (815) 675-9729.
Moon info:
The last week in October includes the “Harvest Moon,” or full moon,  October 23rd, and wanes slowly throughout the week. By Halloween it approaches half moon.
More information: 
Moon phases.

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