“Valentine’s Run” INVITATION

February 2, 2009.
I’m declaring a 2009 “‘Vignettes’ Valentine’s Day Run” through February 14th.  I invite readers to reply.

The “Run” officially started yesterday. ‘Tis ironic that I’m doing a veritable Valentine’s marathon, when the message under Detour is to slow down for romance.

Well, I’m inviting readers to “slow down” for a short read regarding romance every day.

Post subjects, like all “Vignettes,” emphasize this romantic’s perspective, more than a subject itself. For example, I can be quite romantic about cooking, or about a pair of high heeled shoes with a style that lifts my spirit,  or about socks without a mate. I can be anywhere from serious to tongue-in-cheek.

During the “Valentine’s Run,” I’ll surely include subjects like being single, dating, chivalry, and relationships.

This is for folks who are single, folks who are taken. This is for men, and for women.  Replies will turn posts into conversations, and will inspire new posts.

You are cordially invited to check in, and should you get the notion at all, to partake.

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