Take a walk – and love the winter

There’s a thin blanket of snow on the ground here in Chicago, and light flurries. I love snowy evenings.

I love being out when it’s snowing, certainly when the temperature is mild like tonight — 29 degrees. That’s ver-ly manageable for us Midwesterners.

Of course, I’m aware that walking in snowfall is much different than driving in it. While I feel invigorated and bask in the beauty of the snowfall, passing motorists might have a different attitude altogether.

And of course, driving on a dry, warm, sunny day is also a less beautiful experience than walking on a dry, warm, sunny day.

When you walk, even as fast as I do — and I walk fast, as it’s my main form of  transportation, you’re more apt to take in your surroundings. You’re closer to the elements; ask any pedestrian on a rainy day, no matter what size their umbrella.

So, I guess this is a little tap on the shoulder to motorists — especially those who get grumpy when the snow starts to fall — to opt to walk once in awhile. Walk to their destination or to public transportation that takes them to their destination.

This will inspire a new appreciation to their surroundings, and perhaps will refresh their attitude about driving to understand relax, you’ll get there … just as the pedestrians under the umbrellas, or nuzzled in winter wraps, will get to their destinations.

______________ posted January 7, 2009. 3:20 a.m.

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