Get stamps now — and chop-chop! post those letters

____________________ August 11th, 2017

“Get your own stamps!” I told Rob, a fellow in my Share-Space office.
​​​​     I had shown him the “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamps sheet that I had. These were stamps available via the United States Post Office to celebrate the upcoming Eclipse — August 21st.

USPS “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamps change image at touch

​​​​     This while I had at my fingertips different colored pens, and cards and stationery. I was poised to write letters and send cards to be postmarked with this stamp, and had pulled two stamps from the sheet s far.
​​​​     Great mission, Rob said, and signed on to join it by writing his own letters to use stamps from the sheet. He would reimburse the stamps cost but of course. The point being to help post 20 letters per this stamp sheet before the upcoming Eclipse.
​​​​     Get your own stamps, I replied with furled brow. But of course I was going to use all these stamps myself. The recipients would receive a gift of a handwritten letter, and also a posted “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamp.
​​​​     One of the two stamps taken so far, was for a birthday card to my great niece, two years old. I told her in the note with card, to press her thumb to the stamp. Of course her parents will read this to her, and guide her in pressing thumb to the stamp to see the image change. And she will smile, and they will too.

Plus, letters posted with the “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamps will be keepsakes. This is the first ever United States Postal Service stamp that changes images at touch.
​​​​     So of course it behooves me to post these stamps via cards and letters to people dear to me.
​​​​     Yet 20 people, to use up these stamps on the sheet? O yes! They are family, and friends, and mentors, and other inspirers in my life. ‘Tis up to me, to chop-chop! get out the cards and notes to use those 20 stamps.
​​​​     And I will. I made a list of folks to send letters with this stamp.
​​​​     Rob may get his own “Total Eclipse of the Sun” stamps. And you, too! Make your list of folks to send letters and notes. And get them out, to be posted by August 21st.
​​​​     What a great gift to the recipients. What stellar fun!

Information regarding the stamps:
“Celebrate upcoming Eclipse — with historical stamps”



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