Visit “Adler After Dark”

Spring, 2011
Fellas, present to your darling the moon and the stars at the “Adler After Dark” event, on third Thursdays of every month.
This is a time adults of all ages fill the Adler, enjoy interactive activities, have access to the terrace after dark, and this is the only time the Doane Observatory telescope is available for public viewing.
Enjoy dusk and dark on the Adler terrace. Telescopes are available to zoom-in on the universe. Even without the telescopes, the sky spreads vast above, and the Chicago skyline lies at eye-level.

Classic date amenities
      There is music and a dance floor. Some months a deejay provides the music, others a live band performs. Casual appetizers, like veggies and dip, are served. Wine and cocktails are available  Each month a signature cocktail is featured and available at a special price.

Cafe Galileo’s is open; its menu includes paninis, salad and pizza. 

Admission includes unlimited access to the the sky shows and space shows.

      Each month spotlights a unique educational activity that has to do with energy, the stars or the planets. Also astronomers are available to answer questions about the universe. 

      I recommend dressing up for a date. Tell your darling that you’re dressing business casual, and that as she does the same, she might want to take off her shoes for one of the activities. That will likely be enough to prepare her, and leave an element of surprise.

      When you arrive, make a point to reserve your spot to visit the Doane Observatory, home of the largest aperture telescope available to the public.

Times: “Adler After Dark” is always 6 p.m.-10 p.m., the Third Thursday of the month.

Admission: $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

For more info:  Adler After Dark

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