Who’s more romantic? (men or women?)

February 3, 2009.
[Valentine’s Run Day III.] Who’s more romantic, he or she?

In my experience, the men are. Not all men, just as not all women are romantics. Yet the men who have it in them, are very passionate, sincere and giving. They celebrate the ladies who inspire them.

Now I consider myself among the most devoted romantics, and have had beaus who have made gestures that surpassed me in the romantic department. Enough that I had to joke inside my mind, wait a minute? I’m the romantic one!  While being pleased, and in awe at his being so generous with his heart.

After awhile, I came up with the theory that men are more romantic than women. Not all, and not all the time, yet when romantic, the fellas can take the cake.

I thought it was my secret. Yet, over time as I fell into conversation about romance with gents who were pals, and I disclosed my secret theory that men were more romantic than women, these gents agreed vehemently and appreciated the acknowledgment.

I’ve seen men be so adoring and caring for their ladies, and have been the recipient of such care from beaus.

So I like to give men credit, the ones who know how to treat ladies right, especially treat their darlings right. Bravo!

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