All the wildflowers

Autumn flowers at Runaway Pony B&BI reside at the Runaway Pony B&B in downtown Lawrence. Runaway stands on a decent stretch of land, across from Buford park. The first freeze is about to settle upon the night, and Runaway Pony proprietress, Serina Hearn, takes pause to rescue her garden white chrysanthemums and baby pink roses. She brings in hoards, and stuffs them in vases and pitchers, then leaves to rescue flowers from her home garden.

I stand in the kitchen and stare at the flowers surrounding me. Make attempt to arrange a pretty pink roses and white chrysanthemums bouquet. I lift roses tufts for arranging; they have hair-like thorns that cover stem to bloom. Though the thorns seem delicate, they stab my fingertips like needles.

I succeed in a small pink and white arrangement, and notice on a shelf, garden gloves to shield from thorns. So many blooms spill over vases and pitchers, yet I feel uncomfortable using gloves to handle roses.

The roses seem fine where they are, in water and in shelter from the freeze. I return to my suite to work, and bring the small bouquet I’d arranged to accompany me.

The next day Serina arranges the masses of flowers so naturally to accommodate their splendor. The autumn blooms add splendor for me and other guests at Runaway Pony to enjoy.

For more information on the Runaway Pony B&B, visit here.




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