Wind and images

It almost seems windy out, but it’s not. I like the wind.

The designer for Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries) bookcover just sent me a potential image to represent the new web site I’m designing. (that, I’ll share later.)

Such a beautiful design. It’s a secret now, between her and me, where to place it. Yet if you look at the bookcover she designed, you will understand her talent.

Her talent to make a vision into art. Into a valid representation of emotions. The adjective “valid” is harsh here, for this writer. Yet necessary.

In my opinion, so many artists throw out so many images.  Many artists want to shock, or to figuratively hit you with a blunt object to present a vision. And much of it finds a place, while leaving you stunned to the point of feeling comatose.

Yet Dragana Nestorovic finds ways to be invited into your passions via the images she presents.

She’d amazed me by the design she came up with to represent Growing Up (the pain, the joy, the discoveries). Tonight she presented an image to be part of my new web site.

In looking at the image, I could hear wind, even though the night outside the windows remained still.

There’s something about words and visions. If you’re lucky you capture them, like fireflies, in a jar. When that happens, it’s magic, and your biggest desire is to set them free.

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