A wine for chilly season parties — the wine, the pause to enjoy and a bit o’ etiquette

Autumn, 2012
(updated: Autumn 2014) ________________________________________________________________

Are you to attend a chilly autumn or chilling Halloween soiree? Fabulous! Here’s a wine that’s awesome for the occasion, plus a few presentation suggestions.

The wine
Cryptic Red Wine
makes a fabulous contribution. ‘Tis a dark color wine with a welcoming taste contained in a bottle that’s a conversation piece.
Tasting notes: Cryptic has a rich flavor, including a bold raspberry taste at sip, blackberry settling on the palate and wafts of vanilla in the finish. It has a dark purple color and a medium body. Beware! The bold flavor and delicate body tempts copious sips.
     Cryptic Red Wine pairs well with soft cheeses, roasted nuts, dried fruits and pasta dishes.

The Cryptic bottle
      The bottle has a crimson capsule with a gold cryptogram. The signature label represents a cryptic wheel. The cryptic wheel was used in 16th century France to encode messages — whether to keep them secret for war strategies or love notes.
     The cryptogram on Cryptic Red Wine capsule and bottle label present the “three C’s” behind the wine. These are the three COMPONENTS, or wine varietals that make the wine a whole. The Components are — Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah and Zinfandel. All drawn from California wine countries.
Conversation piece: You present not only a hearty wine, but a conversation piece.
     When you share an opened bottle, prompt a pause for folks to acknowledge the wine they are about to taste. Point out the bottle capsule and label cryptogram while they savor.
Point out the bottle gold label wheel. Folks who read closely may decode the outer message : “With Wine and Desire Anything Is Possible.”

Wine to go  — bringing it to a party

     Part of giving wine as a gift is the presentation. The image at left  shows Cryptic Wine in a black net wine bag, perfect for Halloween get-togethers. Another suggestion: tie a black, crimson, or gold ribbon around the wine bottle body or neck.
     When you bring a bottle of wine to a party, take the time to present it to the host or hostess.  Present the bottle tipped forward and say, “I brought this gift for you.” Mention a few fun facts or tasting notes about the wine you selected to gift them.

More information: Cryptic Red Wine retails at $18.00 per bottle. For more information on Cryptic Wine, visit here.



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