“Green,” white, and rosé: love Vinho Verde in the summer

———————————— summer, 2016

Vinho Verde literally means “green wine.”Tis made with grapes from the northwest Portugal region. The “green” in this reference reflects “young,” as wine made with young grapes.
     I tried Vinho Verdes lately, and was reminded how these make swell choices for hot weather days. They were courtesy of Casal Garcia wines. They are produced at the Quinta da Aveleda winery based in Penefiel Portugal. Aveleda is a family-owned winery that continued through generations since 1870.
     VinhoVerde-SweetVinho Verdes have light color and light body. They tend to be high in acidity. Depending on the grapes that make them, they may offer savors of mineral, floral, or sweet. They may be crisp, or have a soft base.
     Vinho Verde-sweet and roseI tried the Casal Garcia Sweet, Rosé, and Sparkling Rosé. The Sweet is their Vinho Verde white wine, made with regional grapes that include Azal Branco, or Azal white. The rosés are made with regional grapes including Azal Tinto, or Azal red.

Tasting notes

Sweet. This is the lightest of the trio, and fruity. It has a translucent pale green color, and soft, citrus fruit on the palate.
     It serves as a nice, light dessert wine while dining al fresco. It could serve as dessert alone, or as an accompaniment to hard, aged cheeses and roasted nuts.
     Serve ice cold.
Rosé. This has a lovely, translucent pink color. It has red fruits on the palatte, with hints of mineral, and has a soft, floral finish.
     This tastes delicious with repasts like pasta salads or quinoa dishes, or with aged cheeses and sweet nuts. It too, stands alone well, and may serve as a refreshing sipper while on the patio or front porch.
     Serve chilled.

VinhoVerde-Sparkling RoseSparkling Rosé. This has a lovely, translucent salmon color. ‘Tis medium-dry sparkling with vivacious bubbles.  It has hints of red berries, with a wild strawberry finish.
     This pairs well with light summer entrees, or alone for celebratory toasts.
     Serve chilled.

More information
These wines are fairly light in alcohol volume — the Sweet at 9%, the Rosé at 10.5%. and the Sparkling Rosé at 11.5%.
Casal Garcia Sweet Vinho Verde entered the United States market in July this year. For more information,visit here.
     Please note, that as of August 2016, the Sweet was not listed on this page, and will be added soon.
To find Casal Garcia Vinho Verdes near you, visit Wine Searcher, type in “Casal Garcia,” and select your location region, then hit the “search” icon.

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