Release the Butterflies! — party April 29th

Play Butterfly Bingo, enter a raffle to win plants to take home, and watch the Butterflies being released into spring, at the Butterfly Release Party, noon-5 p.m. April 29th at the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan Kansas.

This is a Farewell celebration honoring two exhibits that have graced the Discovery Center museum since January this year — Rainforest Adventure and the Butterfly House.

While the Rainforest drew folks into a tropical climate, the Butterfly House presented nature native to Kansas. And now Rainforest Adventure moves on to the next stop on its tour, and the Butterflies are being released to their native land.

The Butterfly House
The Butterfly House is presently on the Discovery Center 2nd Floor Mezzanine. Over the past few months, ’twas home to butterflies among four native species — Monarch. Painted Lady. Buckeye and Black Swallowtail.

They arrived from different sources and in different forms, says Stephen Bridestine, Curator of Education at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. For example, some Monarchs arrived chilled in folded envelopes. They had to be warmed before opening the envelopes, and the butterflies came out. Some butterflies arrived from the local Sunset Zoo. Staff there raised caterpillars, into the cocoon stages until they emerged as butterflies.

All were placed to residency in the Butterfly House that had real plants upon which to frolic. Now through Sunday morning, museum visitors may sit on inside benches and observe them.

Butterfly Release Party
A beautiful celebration of spring! All day folks may partake by playing Bingo, and engaging in educational programs and crafts.

The official Release is held at 2 p.m. on the rooftop terrace. Staff will set free over two dozen butterflies. “Most will spend summer in the area,” says Mr. Bridestine. “Some might migrate farther north.”

And they will do what butterflies do, he says. “Butterflies are really important pollinators. They pollinate the beautiful flowers along the prairie, and the flowering plants in crops. They play a critical role in the ecosystem.”

More information
The Flint Hills Discovery Center is at 315 South 3rd Street in Manhattan. The Butterfly Release Party is included with general admission. For more information, call (785) 587-2726 or visit


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