Bibelot — an unusual object

March 18, 2014
A Bibelot [BIB-loh] makes a small and rare gift.

Websters New World Dictionary defines “Biblot” as
1. a small object whose value lies in its beauty or rarity; trinket
2. a book of unusually small size

American Heritage Dictionary defines it as
1. A small decorative object; a trinket.
2. A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.

“Bibelot” derives from the Old French word beubelet, from a reduplication of bel, that means beautiful.

A “bibelot” is a small item that is rare, beautiful or unusual. It may be a delicate trinket or a small well-crafted book, and usually is placed on a shelf or another place of display. The value may be monetary, or sentimental.

Do you have bibelots around your home?


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