Love for Words — Boff

May 31, 2016

___ Boff as a verb represents a ‘sock it to ’em’ effect.

Via, the two verb definitions for “boff” are:
a) to cause to be overcome with laughter.
b) to hit; strike.

Some folks have a commanding sense of humor that renders others helpless to laughter. For example, “He will boff us again if he breaks into his ‘nerdy salesman’ routine at the staff meeting.”

You might strike, or “boff” something because it’s laughable. For example, “She started a ‘launch recycling program’ petition to boff the condo president’s claim that the building residents weren’t concerned about recycling. Within days she drew over 90% signatures.”

‘Boff’ signifies success, via its relation to the adjective ‘boffo’ that means ‘highly successful or effective.” For example, he presented a boffo performance as Don Quixote in ‘Man of La Mancha.'”

So, when you boff, you are intense and effective. This little word packs a lot o’ wallop.

Do you know someone who has a nature to boff at situations?


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