Love for Words – Nocturnal

October 8, 2017
___ Nights are getting longer …

… and those of nocturnal nature may bask in longer hours!

Webster’s New World dictionary defines “nocturnal” as:
1.  of, done, or happening in the night
2. functioning or active during the night
3. having blossoms that open at night, as some flowers

Vampires are the most famous mythical creatures who thrive at night. They are fabled to transform from bats. Bats are very real and nocturnal. Bats sleep by day and wake at night to soar and — for many o’ bat — devour mosquitoes.*

People with a nocturnal nature tend to have optimal energy at night. Nocturnal plants, like jasmine, blossom at night and close bloom by day.

Do you consider yourself nocturnal, most thriving at night,
or one who loves to meet a long night with a good amount o’ shut-eye?

* Jacquée T.’s feature “The bats in our belfry”  elaborates on our nocturnal friends, bats, and why we need them.


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