Love for Words – Specter

October 21, 2017
___ Specter is a synonym to ‘ghost.’ However a specter specifically may be seen, and ’tis most unfriendly.

Via, a ‘specter’ is a “visible incorporeal spirit, especially one of a terrifying nature; ghost; phantom; apparition.”

While ghosts might be seen — they might not, and instead might be heard via sounds of footsteps. Or they might cause things to move while they remain unseen. Ghosts, appearing in sight or not, might be considered friendly, minding their own business, or otherwise harmless. Or they might seem malicious.

The difference of a specter is it IS seen, and appears malicious or otherwise vexing. It’s a disembodied spirit that appears and frightens you to the bone. by sight and seamy energy.

Altnerative spelling, usually British: spectre.

Can you recall a specter of fiction or cinema?
Or .. have you encountered one yourself?!


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