Antipathy – no sympathy here

October 12, 2013

___ Antipathy represents an active aversion or despisal.

Sharing the suffix “pathy” with the more familiar “Sympathy,” Antipathy is a harsh contrast.

The suffix “pathy” represents a suffering or a feeling. “Sym” represents a a sameness or “harmony.” So “sympathy” represents a suffering per feeling ‘harmony’ with another’s condition or plight.

“Anti” means “against.”  So “antipathy” represents a suffering or feeling against another’s condition or plight.

The World English Dictionary defines Antipathy as:
1. a feeling of intense aversion, dislike, or hostility
2. the object of such a feeling

Antipathy may go as intense as hostility. “He responded with antipathy when she replied to his accusations,” for example. “His ex-girlfriend was his antipathy regarding all relationships.”

Do you know someone who exercises Antipathy, or is antipathetic toward a cause?


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