“Burnin’ Daylight” — don’t waste time!

May 15, 2018

Cowboys need to utilize every moment of daylight. And that was what Wil Anderson, played by John Wayne, in the 1972 movie, The Cowboys asserted.

Mr. Anderson was an experienced Trail Boss, leading young boys put in his charge to herd cattle across an open range to market. They had a gang of cattle rustlers on their trail as the biggest challenge in this mission.

They would make it through, under Mr. Anderson’s determination, guide and command. The most basic necessity he asserted was keeping on task.

At any pause, and in early mornings as they rose, Mr. Anderson declared, “We’re ‘burnin’ daylight!”

That was a setback. They needed to use daylight for every moment it offered.

This expression from the movie resonated. Folks watching it to this day, pick it up, and use it as an expression in daytime tasks, like mowing.

And ’tis officially defined on modern day UrbanDictianary.com. The definition:
— Wasting time that could be better used doing something productive.

Are you burnin’ daylight today?

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