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April 1, 2016

____ ‘Tis  Friday, and I encourage you to consider how you will Cavort tonight.

Cavort is a verb; it has no noun or adjective relation. In summary, cavort  is simply about action.

Yet the action itself may not necessarily be simple. defines Cavort as:
1. to prance or caper about.
2. to behave in a high-spirited, festive manner; make merry.

However you cavort, you will surely be smiling.

Usage examples
Mrs. Sutter instructed the nanny to take the children to the park every afternoon; she preferred that they cavort outdoors rather than sit inside and watch TV.
 After Roger realized he had won the lottery, he went downtown and cavorted all evening, and invited friends and strangers alike to join in.
— The resort guests cavorted throughout the property’s tennis courts, swimming pools and nightclubs.

Cavort is not excluded to weekends. Nor is it a Friday night requirement. It’s more about whimsy that can take you — or you can take — at any time.

Will you Cavort tonight?


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