Ever — the intricate meanings

June 8, 2015
___ Many of us learned the meaning of ever via”Happily ever after” in fairy tales we heard since we were tots.

That reference refers to forever, or “at all times.” We dream of living happily ever after; yet later in life we realize doing so is not a simple concept. We learn that “ever” has other meanings.

Via American Heritage Dictionary, “ever” definitions:
1. At all times; always
2. a. At any time
     b. In any way; at all
To a great extent or degree

Usage examples
● A couple exchange vows via justice of the peace nuptials, and both return to their jobs the next day. As the years pass, their close friends might ask, “did they ever [2a.] take the cruise they had promised each other to take as a belated honeymoon?”
● When a fella expresses being ever [3] so remorseful his girlfriend broke up with him, his friends might ask if he ever [2b.] made serious effort to make way back into her romantic graces.
● When a gal iterates the shortcomings of the fella with whom she broke up, she might stop to wonder if she ever [2b.] expressed to him her appreciation of all the little ways he inspired her.
● An artist might feel ever [1.] devoted to their gift and their mission to share it.

We learn, if we pay attention, that “living happily ever after” could be ver-ly well part of our own story, yet doing so is an endeavor that’s intricate to our own actions.

Do you ever make effort to live “happily ever after”?


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