frore — a wintry term

November 26, 2017
___ Frore is a fabulous term to describe cold, especially climate cold.

Winter-Frore-croppedToday this word is used mostly by poets, yet remains a part of our language. ‘Tis ver-ly useful in speaking one effective syllable, to describe a wintry experienc

Definition via
—  frosty, frozen

Definition via
 Frozen; frosty.

Definition via The AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY online (
 Extremely cold; frosty.

This word clearly refers to a cold-temperature experience. Folks living in tundra regions will relate. Folks living in regions that have snowy winter climates will relate. And, folks from balmy or tropical climates will relate if they ever travel to a wintry climate.

From wherever they speak when encountering such cold surroundings, they may relate their experience as “frore!”

Frore may also be used in a metaphorical sense.

Usage examples
● The ship captain was assigned a journey into Arctic regions and made provision to encounter frore waters.

● Judy wrote home about her ski experience, and described the frore mountain landscape.
● Edward had lived in Florida all his life. He heartily accepted an invitation to spend Christmas at his aunt’s house in upstate New York. Yet he arrived to feel stunned by frore temperatures.
● Madeline visited the old cemetery at the edge of town, and found the tombstones that were over 100 years old. She took this adventure in stride, until the moonlight made silhouettes of the trees, and frore shadows edged the moonlight.
● “I thought she loved me,” Ben wrote, “yet she merely entertained me while she concealed a frore heart.”

When have you experienced frore surroundings?


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