Love for Words — Ghost Ship

October 31, 2013
_____  A Ghost Ship, via nautical definition, is a boat or ship that was 100% immersed underwater.

Most such ships do not resurface, and haunt memories of the crew and passengers’ loved ones.

The Titanic is a noted ghost ship that sunk before witness’s eyes in the cold north Atlantic Ocean, yet was not salvaged till almost a century later, broken in pieces, and covered with barnacles.

Yet some ships simply disappear, failing to reach their scheduled port, the ship crew never to be seen again.  Some seafarers might see them among the waves, as phantom boats with crew on deck.

The Great Lakes and the oceans are said to be graveyards of ghost ships, the majority of wreckages undiscovered.

Seasoned sailors who take on the waters night and day and year round might have a tale of witnessing a ghost ship. For example, they might have noticed the name of the vessel painted at the bow and later realized that they sailed by what was a noted sunken ship.

Do you believe ghost ships could haunt the waters?

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