Love for Words – Hex

October 25, 2013

___ Hex sounds like the action ’tis — to cast a spell or curse.  For example – “I’m going to hex you, you dirty rat!”

A gal might want to hex a guy into the mangy vermin he proved to be. On another side of love, a fella might feel hexed or bewitched by a gal as he finds himself helpless under her manipulation.

A bride and groom would feel hexed on a summer Saturday wedding when outdoor weather is sweltering, and the indoor reception hall air conditioning goes defunct, leaving the formally dressed wedding party and guests sweating in streams as the photographer clicks away and the band sets up for Swing Dance.

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The word “hex” originated via a 17th century Pennsylvania Dutch immigrant dialect that borrowed words from German and Swiss settlers.  In this dialect hexe is the equivalent of the German verb hexen, “to practice sorcery.”

When you “hex” someone by thought, declaration, or point of finger, you intend a harmful sorcery. Folks receiving a harmful spell may suspect you as the source of the “hex.”

If someone wronged you deeply, would you want to hex them?


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