Love for Words — quietude

July 27, 2015

___ Quietude seems hard to come by these days.

Definition via Collins
the state or condition of being quiet, peaceful, calm, or tranquil

These days folks seem to opt for distractions rather than “quietude.” They turn on radios or TVs. They readily pick up cell phones to chat with friends, or put in earphones to stream music from their iPods.

Even when folks don’t opt for such distractions, they might find themselves surrounded by whirring motors of cars, trucks and motorcycles in traffic, or find their view bombarded with billboards or neon signs. At home parents might yearn for “quietude” as their kids leap around playfully.

It seems folks need to make an effort for “quietude,” an effort worth making.

Usage examples
● Nancy spent time at the library for quietude and comfort in feeling surrounded by fellow bibliophiles.*
● Roger liked to go camping alone at least once per summer. He relished the quietude of setting up his campsite in the vast outdoors and being amidst only the sights and sounds nature provided.
● Amanda found quietude at her favorite wine bar. It was a small room with hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, a polished wood bar, and a few tables. It had no TVs, and the wines were exquisite.

What places would you choose to find quietude?

* ‘Love for Words’  : Bibliophile.


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