Love for Words — simper

April 16 , 2018

___ One who simpers gives a self-conscious or forced smile, or a forced verbal expression.

This may reflect a gesture that seems unnatural, or artificial.

Definitions via Merriaam-Webster online:
—to smile in a way that is not sincere or natural
—to say (something) in a way that is not sincere or natural

Definitions via Websters New World College Dictionary
—to smile in a silly, affected, or self-conscious way
—to say or express with a simper

People who “simper” generally end up seeming unimpressive or annoying, as they appear insincere and self-serving. Yet sometimes a simperer is merely self-conscious or shy.

Usage examples
● During the staff meeting, Randall stared in awe as he watched the new employee Cindy simper enthusiasm at the manager’s ineffective suggestions.
● Brian simpered reasons he had needed to work overtime to complete the project.
● Jenny was surprised when Steve handed her a flower, and all she could do was simper and blush.

Have you been acquainted with someone who simpers?


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