Love for Words — Thespian

July 7, 2016
___ Having been in professional scripted and improvisational theatre, I am a passionate Thespian at spirit, and miss being around fellow Thespians.

A thespian is person with a natural dramatic flair, as most actors and actresses tend to have. It originates from Thespis, a Greek playwright and actor. He is said to be the first actor. Around 15 BC, a chorus performed an entire stage show and told the story by singing. Thespis was the first to step out of the chorus and speak, not sing, to the chorus for their interactions.

O yes, professional actors and actresses are oft referred to as “thespians.” And, a person who has dramatic qualities may be referred to as a “thespian.” For example my friend Roe is a thespian; he tends to break into dramatic movements to accentuate the humor in the subject at hand.

“Thespian” may also pertain to a play, especially one that is dramatic or tragic. Romeo and Juliet is among noted and classic thespian plays.

Do you consider yourself a Thespian? 


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