TROPE — a familiar quote

January 20, 2019

___ A trope is a use of a familiar quote as a metaphor, or for figurative purpose.

‘Tis usually pulled from literature or other work of art or entertainment, and proves useful in making a point in personal situations or commentary.

trope may be utilized to emphasize a sense of humor or to relay seriousness.

Examples of tropes folks might use:
 In the middle of Clara’s presentation, PowerPoint slides from a completely different presentation popped up. Her intern, Matt, hurried over and nervously nudged her out of the way so he could tend to corrections. Clara stepped to the side and declared with a smile,“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” People laughed, recognizing the quote from The Wizard of Oz. They also set eyes back to her, and she continued. “Does anyone have questions so far?”
● “This is The Summer of Jason!” Jason exclaimed to his pals at the end of Spring Semester. Finals were over; next year at this time he would graduate from college. He and his pals were fans of the TV sitcom “Seinfeld” reruns, and they were familiar with the episode where one of the characters George declared “The Summer of George!” Jason and his pals laughed, opened beers and toasted. They celebrated that Jason declared his own summer, and seemingly dismissed the fact that the comparative “Summer of George” turned out to be a comical disaster.
● Alex’s mom would say to him while he was growing up, “Aw, Alex, the sky is not falling!” This in his younger years to comfort him when he was distraught over arguments with friends or other trouble at school, and in his teenage years to scold him when he threw fits over the parents’ rules. Now as an adult, at times when he felt in adverse situations, he would hear her voice, “The sky is not falling!” 

trope may be a phrase, a sentence, or even a verse that is familiar to the audience at hand, brought forth to address the situation at hand.

What are some of your favorite tropes?

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