vivify — to add life

April 24, 2018
___  When you vivify something, you inject life into it.

You add new energy or excitement to it, likely that is much needed. defines “vivify” as:
1. to bring to life; animate
2. to make more vivid or striking

The Online Etymology Dictionary lists “vivify” origins back to the Latin vivus that means “alive” + the root facere that means “to make.” ‘Tis literally, “to make alive.”

Here are a few usage examples for “vivify”

● The new elementary school principle proposed to vivify the students’ experience by emphasizing interactive-activity learning and scheduling spirited seminars like “Circus Performers Present Life Lessons.”
● Mrs. Clancy vivified Lisa’s front yard garden by adding fragrant flowers and lush greens.
● Charles loved to cook, and purchased themed cookbooks and spice guides in attempt to vivify his meals.
● Professor Higgins presented facts thoroughly, yet failed to vivify the historical significance behind the archeological digs.

What would you like to vivify in your life?


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